For 2 years we have been working with an important NGO called "UN TECHO PARA MI PAIS" that means one roof for my country. We were volunteers helping them to build a better future for a lot of people in hard financial economic situation

The help wasn't enough for us so we began with another job with important tourism companies, being the first visible face that the customer sees at the airport or in charge of the tours and always taking care of the passenger. Following this and with the strongly established knowledge in both marketing and tourism areas, we decided to create our own company. For a while now we have been working with tripadvisor / Viator achieving great reviews on each service provided which strengthens us more and more and help us to provide the 5% of the profits from our services to TECHO


Actually, as founders, we are part of the staff of both drivers, guides and managers of the organization. In this way we can provide an OUT OF THE BOX service and give the passenger the possibility of leaving the classic and beaten path of the basic transfers that he would find in our country beyond the size of the company that offers them.

We strongly appreciate that you have been able to read this and know that unlike a large company we cannot afford to fail in the smallest detail.


Welcome to Argentina Elite Transfers & Tours.







We know the importance of having a good and safety reception in the International Airport in a foreign country

Safety, punctuality and kindness are the fundamental requirements that we provide every day and with great pride, knowing that it is the most important thing for you, your family or business




   Our team is based in us and: 


   - A crew of certified guides with great skills to do the different tours we are proposing


   - Professional drivers certified by the Gov. of Buenos Aires. 


   - Partners that are great tourism companies in Argentina and always dealing with OTA'S around the world